Ideas Report

Ideas are a messy business. There are dead ends, wrong turns, and all manner of false starts. To get our heads around them, we created the WeTransfer Ideas Report—an annual roundup of insights from all over the globe about the unpredictable nature of creativity.


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    2022 Report

    Does the dream creative job really exist?

    With growing numbers of creatives feeling burnt out, underpaid, and overwhelmed by the industry, this year’s report examines the tension between perception and reality. We speak to 6,500 creatives about the very real cost of their dream jobs, and why the next generation are prioritizing joy.
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    2021 Report

    Has the creative world as we know it changed for good?

    With a glimpse of normalcy appearing on the horizon, we take a closer look at the world we’re returning to and uncover some seismic shifts in creative power. 10,000 people help us paint a picture of new leaders, new challenges, and new ideas.
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    2020 Report

    What does a global pandemic do to a creative mind?

    Turns out when the going gets tough, the tough get creative. In a year defined by rapid change (understatement of the century) 35,000 creatives tell us how they found ways to connect, to create, and to challenge their doubt.
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    2019 Report

    Does a great idea mean money in the bank or a better-looking planet?

    Having an idea is only half the battle. Once the lightning bolt of inspiration has hit, that’s when the real work begins. From saving pennies to saving the planet, we ask 20,000 creatives about their motivations, their distractions, and what makes an idea worth pursuing.
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    2018 Report

    Can ideas really strike anywhere, at any time?

    From magazines and books to conferences and apps, conversations around creativity have always been quite one-sided. So in 2018 we created the first ever WeTransfer Ideas Report, asking 10,000 creatives about how, when, and where they get their best ideas.